Look! To the middle distance. Already you can see the stately spires of chiseled granite, the cast-iron gates—rusted with age and disuse—that call futilely to turn back! Turn back! 

But it is far too late for any of that. It is the evening of October 31st, and we shall all too soon...


      ...for the first time

            ...for the last time.

Development log


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"If the rumours are true," I whisper to you as she ascends the room (for wherever she goes is up), "she is rich enough to buy all the beauty in the world — but beautiful enough already not to need to!"

This game is amazing.

Thank you!

I endulged in all my worst impulses, but it is no more than a pale copy of the Castle Balderstone games, in truth. :)

If you haven’t played the first few and aren’t already overburdened, I definitely recommend checking them out on Ryan’s page!


Oh, I'm already a fan of the Castle Balderstone series! I haven't checked out the latest, though, so thanks for reminding me!