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That was fun!  👍

A few nits: there was a typo in the word barely when the fisherman as at the shine, a missing "You" in one of the choices at the same time. When entering text I tried the correct answer but without the article and it turned me down so I wasted a lot a of time before trying again with the "the".

That aside, it seemed pretty polished :)

Thanks for catching those! I intend to go through and clean up the spacing once the jam is over (twine's approach to line breaks drives me crazy), so I'll go in and fix up those issues as well. :)

This was a lot of fun to play :)

(I think the scrollbar option might be unticked in the game settings though maybe? I had to zoom right out to get past some screens.)

You're right, it was! I've fixed that now. Thanks for the heads up, and glad you enjoyed it! :)

I did enjoy it. I found it really fun to play as a faceless ghost out for a night of mischief :)